PreOrder or Back Order Policy

Please read the following policies to understand the way we operate.

How PreOrder/Back Order works

Difference between Back Order and Pre-Order 

  • Many products are in stock with us or in transit and you may still see the "available on Preorder/Back order" statement. This is because we may not stock them in very large numbers and may run out of stock very soon. 

  • Backorder is when the product is coming to us from our vendors, and it's en-route or is being processed at our warehouse.

  • Pre-order is when we place an order before the launch.

  • You can email and ask for any kind of update regarding a need of a product in hurry.


  • If you have ordered before, let’s say as an example, 5th -10th of this month we will add your product to the list our current order cycle, and you should get it in the same month otherwise you should expect it the next month.

  • Once we get it we will ship it the next day of its arrival at our warehouse.

  • For products on Pre-order you cannot cancel the order once it’s been placed, but we do ensure that you get what you asked for, without the hassles of customs and honoring the rate that you paid for it. 

  • To pre-order something that’s not on our catalogue, please fill out the Order Form with what you need and we’ll get back to you about timelines and availability. 

 All the above information is an overview of this process. Please don't hold us against it.

  • If you have to cancel an order because of our mistake we will refund the whole amount.
  • If we believe that it’s not our mistake because of various factors like Vendor Emergency/Holidays/global shipping issues, etc. and you still want to cancel, then we will refund you 97.64% of the amount. The remaining 2.36% is the bank charge amount we pay for each transaction so it’s not going to go into our pocket. 

We want to make sure that all of us get the job done in a satisfactory and efficient manner. But sometimes things happen and we will try to make the best of the unexpected situation.

Safe riding!