Warranty of Products

  • The products sold on Pro-Spec are covered under manufacturer warranty. Warranty is provided against any manufacturing defects.
  •  We will offer full / partial replacement post inspection of malfunctioned accessory which is under the warranty period offered
  • Warranty would be invalid if the any physical damage is occurred due to an accident or abuse of part during or post installation .
  • In all cases, unless otherwise agreed by the sales team , you must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration. Please remember that the warranty specifically covers manufacturing defects only and does not include wear and tear and/or abuse. Warranty would also be void if the part is being fixed on to an incompatible/wrong bike. (Please ref to our compactivity chats to avoid such situations else you can get in touch with us on contact@prospec.co.in for further assistance)
  • The warranty claim MUST be accompanied by the tax invoice issued by us. Warranty claims can be processed only by us at Bangalore. For warranty, minimum timeline is 4-7 working days for the confirmation.